Managed Print Services

GCG provides its clients with Managed Print Services (MPS), a unique service aligned specifically to their organization’s need, which improves the quality of document output and workflow; reduces costs; improves the user experience; provides a secure platform and drives those efficiency gains, which are critical in today’s business. Our service will also help our clients meet their environmental challenges that are present in today’s society.

The in-house management of printing and copying is often chaotic and fragmented, causing businesses unnecessarily high print costs and tying up their staff with having to deal with printer problems and supply ordering. A managed print service from GCG will help to reduce print and copy costs, increase productivity and save resources. Using GCG Services to manage your printing and copying and moving your output device management to a single, central process can have many benefits for your business. GCG Offers you best quality printers & printing machines alongwith the software to manage your printing requirements.

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MPS Benefits

Environmental Benefits

GCG Services allow businesses to implement tighter controls and more efficient management of their printing, helping to reduce energy consumption, decrease paper use and reduce waste.
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Increased Productivity

The GCG Services team make sure printing devices stay up to date and all employees have the features they need to stay productive and competitive. By outsourcing print management businesses no longer have their employees’ time wasted through dealing with printer problems.
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Cost Reduction

  • Accurate measurement and reporting of printing costs
  • Clearly defined key performance indicators for measurable savings from day one
  • Regular reports on the volume of documents produced
  • Reduction in cost or size of consumables and stored stock
  • Reduction in support overheads

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Protect Your Business Information

  • Advice on implementing secure workflows
  • Reduction in support overheads
  • User authentification protects your sensitive documents
  • Reduction in support overheads
  • User identification options for secure document output
  • Easier compliance with data protection regulations

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